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Wheelchair Basketball


Archers show physical strength, mental focus and the ability to ignore stress and perform under pressure. These are attributes that make recovery possible.


  • The tournament consists of six (6), ten-player (10) teams.
  • 24-Point team limit: At no time in a game shall a team have players on the court and participating whose total assigned point value exceed the 24-point limit.


  • Players will be assigned a point (classification) from one (1) to six (6) based on their function in relation to wheelchair. Players in each point group have different volumes of action, and this is what determines the final point value. All women drop 1 point in combined play.


  • The chair is considered to be part of the body. For example: a player is out-of-bounds when any part of his/her body or wheelchair touches the floor or any object on or outside of a boundary line.
  • To execute a dribble, players must allow for one bounce of the ball for every two (2) pushes of their chair.
  • Wheelchair basketball athletes are required to have a calf-strap on their chair in order to stop players from using their feet to control their chair. Wheelchairs can also have anti-tip casters, which are used to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over backwards.