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News: Service members volunteer to aid Eagle Scout project




Service members volunteer to aid Eagle Scout project


By Brandon Bieltz


Fort Meade, Md.


On Saturday, Alairé Jamerson was joined by dozens of volunteers from his Boy Scout Troop 721 and Fort Meade service members to restore Kimbrough's Memorial Garden.


​The large gazebo located between several buildings at Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center offers a respite for staffers relaxing on their breaks. Until recently, however, few people knew what actually surrounded that spot -- a memorial garden.

little boy gardener.jpgIsaac Ronn, 8, digs around a flower bed at Kimbrough’s Memorial Garden on Saturday morning to install wooden borders. The restoration of the garden was part of an Odenton resident’s Eagle Scout project. (Photo by Brandon Bieltz)
While waiting for his father to get off work, Alairé Jameson sat inside the gazebo and decided it was time to restore the unkempt garden.
"Nobody even knows where this memorial garden is," the 16-year-old Boy Scout said. "They come here all the time to sit in the gazebo, but they don't know what the true meaning really is. I thought this would be a great thing to do for my Eagle Scout project."
On Saturday, Alairé was joined by dozens of volunteers from his Boy Scout Troop 721 and Fort Meade service members to restore Kimbrough's Memorial Garden.
With the help of several adults in the community, Alairé worked to redesign the garden. Once his design was complete, Company Atlantic Design Group Inc. -- an architecture and construction design firm in Columbia -- provided a complete blueprint.
From there, Alairé reached out to businesses in the community to donate supplies. The garden was completed entirely with donated supplies provided by local businesses.
"They just tried to help me," the Arundel High School junior said.
The project began with cleaning and repairing the dingy gazebo at the center of the garden and moving the Memorial Stone from behind the gazebo to the front.
The stone contains the names of service members and civilian employees who died while working at Kimbrough. Alairé said he wanted the stone to be the focal point of the garden.
"It's a place for them to be remembered," said Alairé, who resides in Odenton.
Alairé's father Aldric Jameson -- a pharmacist at Kimbrough -- said moving the stone will make the garden a place to remember those listed.
"I think that this is a great project," he said. "It will be the new focal point. Now there is something to talk about."
Alairé and the volunteers transformed the former location of the stone into a butterfly garden, created wood borders and weeded flower beds, which were then filled with shrubs and flowers.
Several Kimbrough staffers said they look forward to having a restored garden on the facility.
"It's a place to come and reflect" said Sgt. 1st Class James Wilson, noncommissioned officer in charge of the Kimbrough pharmacy. "It's a place for peace and quiet, and it helps if it looks good."
Maj. Michael Ronn, chief of the Kimbrough pharmacy, agreed.
"It's going to be very nice," he said.
The project is a major component in Alairé's attaining the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout -- something he believes will help him as he applies to the Air Force or Coast Guard academies.
"I'm glad to see him growing up," Jameson said of his son. "This is the one thing that he's always wanted to do -- Boy Scouts. ... This is a good leadership thing for him, and I'm glad to see him take over. I'm trying to stay in the background and watch him go."
Several volunteers at Saturday's project said they participated to help Alairé achieve his goal and to give back to the community.
"It's for a Boy Scout, it's for a boy in our community," Wilson said.
"I didn't need to be asked twice. ... It's very nice to see a young man out here doing something good for the community, helping giving back to the Soldiers and the civilians at Kimbrough."


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