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Welcome to the Regional Health Command - Atlantic, RHC-A, the nation's premier military system for health. What is a system for health? At RHC-A, we are focused on our patients' health and wellness, which means we are as dedicated to preventing illness and injury as we are to healing. A system for health enables ready and resilient Soldiers, families and communities.

We maintain the readiness of America's fighting men and women through care that maintains, restores and improves their ability to deploy on a moment's notice anywhere in the world. And when our Soldiers deploy, we ensure that a ready medical force is ready to deploy with them, professionally trained and ready to provide world class casualty care. The Regional Health Command - Atlantic, is working to build a healthier Army and healthier nation.

Regional Health Command - Atlantic News
'Snug' New Tech Protects Hearing, Mission Efficiency for Military Dogs
By Mr. Ramin A. Khalili, Army Medicine | Jan. 16, 2020
For a guy who's spent the majority of his twenty-plus year career in a basement laboratory sifting through the specifics of the biomedical world -- you know, the nuts and bolts of what's physically possible and what's not -- Michael McLoughlin has a surprisingly Zen-like perspective on the development of his latest product.

Preventing illness keeps Soldiers on mission
By Sgt. 1st Class Shaiyla Hakeem | Jan. 8, 2020
JORDAN -- Soldiers must be ready and capable to conduct the full range of military operations to defeat all enemies regardless of the threats they pose. But bad sanitation can keep them from the mission. According to a 2010 public health report from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, "Influenza and pneumonia killed more American Soldiers and Sailors during the war [World War I] than did enemy weapons." The pandemic traveled with military personnel from camp to camp and across the Atlantic in 1918, infecting up to 40 percent of Soldiers and Sailors. In this instance, the enemy came in the form of a communicable disease.

Top 2019 Soldiers' stories range from saving lives to spotlighting fitness
By Devon L. Suits, Army News Service | Dec. 30, 2019
FORT MEADE, Md. -- Some of the biggest stories of the year highlighted people, "the Army's No. 1 resource," as emphasized by senior leaders. This year three Soldiers were recognized with the Medal of Honor for their acts of heroism in Iraq and Afghanistan. A handful of Soldiers revealed their fitness potential, either by maxing the Army Combat Fitness Test or by participating in one of the largest fitness competitions around the globe. One Colorado-based Soldier walked away with a pageant crown, while another Soldier was promoted to his 16th rank in 35 years.

Army Medical-Civilian Trauma Team supports field training exercise on Joint Base Lewis-McChord
By Terry J. Goodman, Regional Health Command-Atlantic Public Affairs | Dec. 17, 2019
JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Washington -- Since January, Army doctors and nurses assigned to the Fort Belvoir (Virginia)-Troop Command have been donning surgical scrubs at Oregon Health and Sciences University Hospital, Portland, Oregon, as part of a unique military-civilian partnership between Army Medicine and OHSU, a Level 1 trauma center.

New way of teaching service members how to treat combat wounds vetted at Fort Benning
By Franklin Fisher, Fort Benning Public Affairs Office | Dec. 16, 2019
FORT BENNING, Ga. – A new, standardized way of training combat troops of all services in how to give first aid to wounded service members has undergone intensive vetting here by experts, and a final draft will be delivered to the Department of Defense at the end of this month, officials said Dec. 9.
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